California SB793 Preserves Hookah Culture.
Vote YES to preserve minority communities in California

SB 793 was written to go into effect on January 1, 2021, but with the veto referendum pending signature verification, the effective date was suspended. As the signatures for the veto referendum were certified, the law is suspended until voters decide the issue at the election on Nov. 8, 2022.
Lawmakers, educators, and parents know that Hookah is exempt from the flavor ban because of its rich cultural significance to minority communities. It is critical we stand up to the lies, misinformation and fake news that is being promulgated by big tobacco to end SB793.

Why Hookah is being exempted

Hookah has been mixed with molasses or honey for over 500 years, far exceeding the advent of flavors used by big tobacco in e-cigs to target our youth.
Hookah is a symbol of respect, hospitality, and social engagement in many communities. Hookah evolved from 17th century Persia to 18th century Turkey to 19th century Egypt, Israel, Armenia, and Pakistan, reaching the United States in the late 1800s when immigrants from these countries settled in American cities like LA.
Hookah is a non-intoxicating fixture of social interaction, including in some circumstances where social norms do not include drinking alcohol or using other substances.
A 2018 FDA study showed almost 90% of Americans who use hookah do so no more than once per month, indicating hookah is a uniquely social activity, not a compulsive behavior like smoking cigarettes or vaping.
A 2021 FDA study showed that youth hookah use is less than 1% nationally, and many prominent elected officials have admitted that hookah is “not the problem” in classrooms and for teens.
Hookah aerosol contains 25 times less nicotine per ml and has far fewer harmful constituents than cigarette smoke.

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Welcome to the National Hookah Community Association "NHCA". We are a diverse alliance of businesses from all ends of the Hookah experience, from manufacturers and importers of molasses, pipes and accessories to distributors, Hookah lounges and Hookah/shisha retail stores.

If you are a Hookah business, please join us and help us defend and protect your business, our culture and community.

If you are an interested member of the public, welcome. Please enjoy learning about Hookah and its unique culture and practice.


Dear Hookah family & Industry,
The National Hookah Community Association “NHCA” is dedicated to protecting and preserving hookah culture and businesses across the United States. Hookah culture businesses are at risk from legislation, specifically flavored tobacco bans which have been triggered by the youth vaping epidemic. NHCA takes a very strong position that hookah businesses should all ensure that their products are not marketed in a way that appears to target minors.


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Member Benefits

The National Hookah Community Association (NHCA) is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization that protects and serves its members who are facing threats from new legislation at the local, state, and federal level.

Advocacy and Legislative Representation for our Culture and Businesses

Your membership of NHCA supports the representaton of hookah interests with legislative bodies, lawmakers, and regulators at the federal, state, and local levels. The hookah sector and culture needs a strong unified voice in defending our businesses. Membership not only supports efforts to protect your business but also gives you a voice at the table in shaping our policy priorities for the industry in the future.

Tools, Resources, and Education

NHCA will support its members in reaching out to their political representatives. We will be there for your business whenever it is threatened at the federal, state or municipal level.

Members will receive regular updates on pending legislation and regulations affecting hookah and hookah related products through state and federal news updates. Members will also be provided the most relevant news and insights for improving your business and informing the community.


Unifying Voice

We need an ever-present organization that unites the segments of our sector to defend our culture and businesses. NHCA is uniting manufacturers, distributors, store owners, and lounges. Bringing together the industry will not only help defend the future of your business, but it will also help to grow it through new insights and connections.

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If you are in the business of hookah, making or selling hookah molasses or accessories, you are invited to join the National Hookah Community Association, an alliance of businesses from every corner of the hookah community dedicated to preserving the tradition of hookah across the United States.

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CA Governor Gavin Newsome signing CA SB793 into law.

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